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There are perhaps no more different MOOC services than Udacity and Udemy, both of which appear to be quite popular among a large number of people. Yet, there are three similarities between these two services: both of them offer massive open online courses, both of them offer both paid and free courses, and both of them would perfectly suit to IT specialists. In regards to the differences between the services, their advantages, and target audience, you should read through this Udemy vs Udacity review in order to find out that.

The thing is that Udacity is a service that aimed only at IT professionals, offering online courses solely in the various areas of the IT industry. Udemy can also boast a vast amount of courses for the IT industry on its website, yet there are myriads and myriads of courses in other fields. Just below, you can find out about the general differences between these two services.

Udemy vs Udacity: General Differences Between These Two Services

At the moment after its foundation, Udacity offer only online courses that were similar to the ones that are offered by Coursera or edX nowadays, i.e. those were the online courses of the university type. Later, however, Udacity focused its efforts on providing vocational training for IT specialists, and now this website appears to be a hub for both those who want to get started in the IT field and those who want to advance further and learn something new.

Perhaps, the main and most important feature of Udacity is the fact that the company creates its IT online courses in cooperation with tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bosch, Mercedes, and many others. Considering that lectures are taught by practitioners in the IT field, this website appears to be especially valuable for IT professionals.

Udacity offers both free and paid courses, and it is definitely surprising that there is an abundance of high-quality online courses that are accessible for free! Besides, those free courses are available in a large variety of areas, including Android development, web development, data science and analytics, virtual reality, software engineering, and machine learning. What’s especially notable about Udacity is that even the “Robotics” course is offered for free!

It is also worth to mention that navigating the website appears to be fairly easy: the number of categories is neither too small nor too large and an abundance of filters facilitates a better search. A great thing about Udacity is its convenient system of grading the courses, which means that all courses are divided into three main types: for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Thus, you can easily find out what type of courses you need and what a course to start with.

Udacity vs Udemy

The other contestant of this Udemy vs Udacity review can boast a far bigger audience and a number of courses. At the present time, there are more than 48,000 online courses available on Udemy. Hundreds and hundreds of lectors create and compile new online courses for Udemy every month. Actually, Udemy is a perfect site for all kinds of lecturers who speak English, whereas the company states that Udemy lecturers receive $8,000 for their courses on the average.

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Udemy, as it was already stated above in this Udemy vs Udacity review, offers both free and paid courses. Even though it is obvious that the majority of lecturers put a price tag on their courses, there are pretty many high-quality courses that can be found for free. Besides, the price of courses is not so high and rarely exceeds $10, which is quite a fair price for a high-quality course. A convenient system of reviews and average marks for courses allows the users to make a decision pretty easier and faster.

On the basis of all this, it can be stated that even though there is a small audience that may be interested in both of these services, Udemy and Udacity are mostly focused on different target audiences.

Main Advantages of Udacity

This section of the Udemy vs Udacity review actually reveals what are the main advantages of each of the companies. So, Udacity’s most obvious advantages are the following ones:

  • Udacity appears to be a perfect educational hub for IT professionals.
  • Udacity offers both free and paid online courses.
  • The main feature of Udacity is its cooperation with world’s leading tech companies, including Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Considering that Udacity offers its online courses in a large number of different IT areas, Udacity has also come up with Nanodegree program, which guarantee employment within 6 months after completing them.

Main Advantages of Udemy

On the other hand, Udemy can also boast a large number of pros and this short list shows some of them:

  • Udemy offers amazing opportunities for lecturers with an ability to sell their courses via this platform.
  • Both free and paid courses come on Udemy with a full pack, including obtaining a certificate of completion after finishing a course.
  • At the present time, Udemy appears the largest MOOC service on the web with the number of courses available reaching 48,000.
  • Udemy’s iOS and Android apps allow the users of this service to study from any place and at any time.

Udacity vs Udemy: Who May Choose Udacity

And at the end, this section of our Udacity vs Udemy review shows what categories of people are more likely to choose each of these services. This way, Udacity is more likely to be chosen by:

  • IT professionals who want to advance and learn new techniques of coding or gain other kind of knowledge.
  • Everyone who wants to get started in the IT field.
  • IT professionals who want to complete the Nanodegree program and find employment anytime soon.

Udacity vs Udemy: Who May Choose Udemy

Then again, Udemy can be an interesting website for the following categories of people:

  • Lecturers who possess valuable knowledge and want to get some profit from it.
  • Professionals in all possible fields who want to gain more knowledge about particular subjects.
  • Everyone who is interested in self-development and online education.

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