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The United Kingdom, France and Germany are the countries in the Old World where you can find business schools that appear to be decent rivals to their American counterparts. In particular, German universities invoke a special interest in many students, given the rich German philosophy and economy teachings that has had an impact on the whole world.

Besides, Germany in a better destination for getting an MBA for you if you also want to master another language, besides English. Yet, keep in mind that most probably the MBA course will be studied in English, but you will have an opportunity to interact with many native German people. Then, there are some other quite decent business schools to consider in Austria and Switzerland – because there you will be in a German-speaking society too, yet in this article we will recount only most important German business schools. Enjoy!

germany best mba program

German universities are fairly distinctive, as this picture of the previously mentioned Leipzig university shows

  1. European School of Management and Technology (ESMT). “The business school founded by business”, proclaims the motto of the school. And it is a truth, indeed, since this school was founded by 25 corporations headquartered in Berlin. The average GMAT score at this school is around 640 points, whereas the tuition fees will amount to as high as 38,000 euro, which is far behind many of its European and American counterparts. The language of studying is English, and you will be able to choose one of the following tracks: Global Sustainable Business (GSB) or Management of Innovation and Technology (MIT). By the way, 25% of all ESMT’s alumni work in the technology industry.
  2. Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management (WHU). You are also given an opportunity to master business administration within 12 months at Otto Beisheim University, located in Düsseldorf. The share of foreign students enrolled in the university´s business school exceeds 70%. The annual tuition fees amount to 36,900 euros, which is pretty the market´s average. If you send your application earlier as an early bird application, you will get a discount of 3,000 euros.
  3. Mannheim Business School. This business school is located in the city of Mannheim, located in the West of the country. It is perhaps one of the German business schools with the largest share of foreign students, which amounts here to 83%. Students intakes are carried out in September, whereas you will have to pay 36,000 euros for the program. You will go through the whole course within 12 months, yet you may choose to study in a part-time MBA program. Then, the program will be extended to 24 months with a slight increase in the price of studying. Students who apply for the program earlier may receive a discount of either 2,000 or 1,000 euros.
  4. Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL). This German business school, located in the country’s east, offers a high-quality MBA program for just 29,000 euros of tuition fees. The whole program will be taught within 21 months. In order to get enrolled in this business school, you should have the GMAT score no lower than 620 (the average GMAT score of the school’s students is 630). Yet, there is a fast-track version of the same program that allows you to complete it within 15 months. Early applications may also get a discount of 2,000 euros. The subjects are, as usual, taught in English. There are also other Executive MBA programs you may be interested about, which you can view on the university’s website.
  5. The Business School of University of Navarra. Located in Munich, this business school is one of the most prestigious ones in Europe. However, do not be surprised about the tuition fees in such a case, whereas they amount to $135,000 for the whole program. Indeed, it is even higher than the ones of Harvard and Stanford, yet you will get an opportunity to receive an MBA degree in one of the Europe’s best business schools. You will go through the whole course within 18 months.
  6. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Studying at this institution is highly recommended for those people engaged in the consulting business. Indeed, up to 30% of the school’s alumni work in consulting companies, followed by 25% who work in financial corporations. You will have your studies completed within the period of 15 months, and you will have to pay 31,900 euros for the MBA program. It is another business school that is included in the list of the universities with the biggest number of international students, which exceeds the share of 89% at this school. Besides, students at this school possess an average work experience of 5 years. There is also a pleasant aspect for early applicants: those who will apply before November 30 will get a discount of the 5,000 euros (!), whereas students who will apply before February 28 will receive 2,500 euros as a discount. There is also a part-time MBA program that costs 3,000 euros more and has a duration of 24 months. The programs of Executive MBA and the MBA in International Healthcare Management are offered, too.
  7. Hochschule Esslingen of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. This school is a budget option for those who want to get a degree in business administration, yet who lacks the funds to do so. It offers an MBA program in English with a duration of 18 months. Upon the completion of the course, you will get an MBA degree in International Industrial Management. This is, indeed, one of the primary German schools for those who work in manufacturing, yet other students may apply, too. The tuition fees for the whole course are not higher than 4,200 euros, which is a significantly lower sum than in many other business schools. Moreover, you will get a pre-MBA course, which will acquaint you with German language and culture. Do not worry, since all the subjects will be taught in English. Yet, you will have to know at least the basics of German (A2 level) in order to not get expelled from the university later.
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