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Mexico is a home to perhaps ones of the cheapest MBA programs, which are, however, taught at a decent level. The tuition fees at Mexican business schools are usually lower than the ones of its American and European counterparts. Moreover, the list of the universities and business schools, given below, includes the most prestigious educational institutions of Mexico, the diploma of which will surely increase your payroll or allow you to get employed by the company you wish. A nice aspect is that some MBA programs can be taught not only in English, but in Spanish too. It is also not surprising that most of the business schools included in the list are located in the city of Mexico, the country’s capital. So, if you wish to apply for an affordable, yet high-quality MBA program at a prestigious university, check all the options below.

best mba programs mexico

Cooperation between American and Mexicans business schools helped the latter ones to offer the students the programs they were unable to offer before

  1. Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM). ITAM is the first Mexican – and even the first Latin American – university that received a recognition from the AACSB International for being a high-quality, modern educational institution. Moreover, it also was accredited by AMBA and EQUIS (the European standard). And even though the university provides the students with the price of their MBA programs only upon their request, it is most probable that the MBA tuition fees are about $20,000 or so. The university offers several MBA programs: full-time MBA, part-time MBA, and executive MBA. You are able to complete the full-time MBA program within the period of 12 months, whereas the part-time MBA program is twice as long (and probably, a bit more expensive). The executive MBA program is a thought-out program for executives with a duration of 22 months that encompasses 18 different courses. If your company is globally oriented, and especially if it is needed for your job, you can apply for the Global MBA program, founded by ITAM and other 3 American universities. It will help you to get to know how to be more successful and efficient in the international business.
  2. EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey. At the present time, the EGADE Business School holds the title of the most prestigious university in Latin America. In particular, one of the best business schools in Latin America offers four MBA programs: the MBA program, MBA in Global Business and Strategy, OneMBA, and Executive MBA. The usual MBA program is taught within 1,5 years, yet you can apply for a part-time MBA which lasts 2,5 years. The share of foreign students exceeds 30%, which is a fairly decent indicator for a Latin American university. Moreover, you can visit the university and study in such locations like Lima, Querétaro, Guadalajara, Santa Fe (Mexico), and – which is obvious – Monterrey. Yet, there are no prices on the website again, so you will have to make a request. MBA in Global Business and Strategy allows you to get more proficient in international business. Moreover, the OneMBA program was created by five universities with the aim to let the students engage between each others and solve the tasks together, so applying for such a program will definitely enrich your professional network (compared to other programs, here the share of international students reaches the indicator of 73%).
  3. University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP). UDLAP is a prestigious Latin American university that offers a pretty detailed MBA program. The whole program must be completed within 2 years, during which you will learn 20 various subjects (4 credits per subject). A fairly nice news for all the students: the tuition fees for this quite prolonged program should not exceed $10,000, which makes it to be one of the most affordable, yet not cut programs. Through the course, you will have to master 15 core subjects that are not varying, whereas the other 5 subjects will depend on the specialization you will choose: Marketing, Project Management, International Management, or Finance. The lessons, indeed, are taught in English, so non-native English speakers must have a TOEFL certificate of no less than 450 points.
  4. Universidad Regiomontana. This university is worth your attention only if you are a Spanish speaker or motivated and capable of mastering it for your MBA, as this university does not have even an English version of the website. Yet, it offers a pretty nice MBA Global Management program that allows the students to master the skills and to receive the knowledge, needed for international business. The whole program is divided into five tetramestres, during which you will learn 14 mandatory subjects and several elective courses (8 various subjects will be up to you). Even though the price is not provided for this university too, it should not be a way too high. So if you are capable of studying in Spanish and you want a recognized MBA diploma from a decent Latin American university, go ahead.
  5. McCombs School of Business of University of Texas at Austin. You may ask yourself a question “Why this American university was included in the list of the Mexican ones?”, yet it does not come as a surprise since American universities are trying to expand southwards. Now, you can apply for the Texas Executive MBA program in Mexico city. This MBA program is designed to last 22 months, which makes the cost to be equal to $79,000 (up to date). This sum includes tuition, registration fee, the program books and materials, accommodation, transportation, and meals for certain tours (see further) and during the graduation events. Through the course, you will have a couple of Austin Intensives, when you will have to head to Texas. Moreover, you will undertake another trip when will come the time for the mandatory International Study Tour. In the past, students travelled to European countries like Hungary and Austria. By the way, most of the subjects are taught on Fridays and Saturdays, and this gives you an opportunity to keep working while pursuing your MBA.
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