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No matter in which part of the world you were born, you should head to the United States if you want to get enrolled into one of the world’s best business schools. Indeed, those universities included in the list of top 5 best business schools in the US can be also considered as the leading ones in the whole world. There is, however, a flip side of the coin, too: tuition fees are also a way higher than anywhere else in the globe. So, if the things you care the most about are the prestige of the business school and the quality of your education, you get to go to the United States. And here is the list of the universities that offer best MBA programs. Enjoy!

best mba program usa

If you want to get enrolled in one of the top-notch MBA programs, you have to head to the United States

  1. Harvard Business School. Harvard is one of the universities that consistently proves its right to be included in the list of top 3 world’s best business schools. Compared to its main rival Stanford, the MBA program at Harvard will take much more of your time (1,872 hours against 824 hours), yet it ensures that you will be more proficient in the business field. According to the data of Forbes, MBA from both Harvard and Stanford has the payback period of 4.2 years. Tuition for studying at Harvard Business School amounts to $61,225 a year.
  2. Stanford Business School of Graduate. Stanford is another university in the list of the world’s most influential ones, and you will go through a pretty decent MBA program, which, however, will be quite shorter than the Harvard’s one. For a year of studying, you will have to pay $64,050. By the way, both Harvard and Stanford require the GMAT score of yours to be not less than 730 for their MBA programs.
  3. MBA of the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton). Surprisingly, Wharton is a bit more expensive than both Harvard and Stanford. The annual cost of tuition in the Wharton’s MBA program is equal to $64,920 a year. The good point is that the number of hours is not that much lower than the one of the Harvard’s program: 1,175. This, as well as a large network of alumni coupled with a large number of interdisciplinary programs, makes the offer from the Wharton one of the most lucrative ones in the market. The requirements for the GMAT score are a bit lower: 728.
  4. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The University of Chicago has always topped the rankings of the world’s best universities, and it is not very different when it comes to the MBA programs. Its Booth School of Business offers a bit faster payback period (4.2) than the one of Harvard and Stanford, and you will have to pay for your studies as much as $63,980 per year. The number of hours is not that big, however: 1,180. The requirements for the GMAT test results are same as at Harvard and Stanford.
  5. The MIT Sloan School of Management. During the last years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been ranked as the world’s best one. Its MBA program encompasses various interdisciplinary programs which you will learn within 806 studying hours. For this, you will have to pay $65,446 per year of studying. It is not fairly surprising, however, that the payback period of this MBA program is 4 years on the average – a noticeably faster period than the one of other business schools. Another nice aspect of enrolling into the MIT’s Sloan is its requirements for the GMAT score: just 710 points.
  6. Haas School of Business of the University of California Berkeley. Berkeley’s business school is a decent institution for getting an MBA – especially, if you value your time too much. You will go through the whole course within just 502 hours that are allocated for all the subjects. Besides, the tuition fees for a year of studying at Haas are as high as $53,907, which is quite lower than the fees of other business schools. Given the fact that the GMAT score requirements at Haas are 720 points, you can apply for the MBA program at this business school without hesitation.
  7. Kellogg School of Management At Northwestern University. This is also one of the top business schools in the United States, where – pay attention to this fact! – the average payback period of the MBA is 4 years. This course will be most suitable for people who are able to allocate enough time to their studies, since the full time of studying reaches the number of 1,272 hours. For a year of studying, you will have to pay as much as $64,059. Similar to Haas School of Business, Kellogg requires you to have the GMAT not lower than 720 points.
  8. Yale School of Management. In order to get enrolled in the Yale School of Management, you should have the GMAT score not lower than 720. It offers several MBA programs (a full-time and a a part-time one) that are pretty prestigeous for all employers. Whereas the annual tuition fees will amount to $61,500, the number of course hours is just 668. By the way, the average payback period of the MBA is 4.1 years.
  9. Columbia Business School. The business school of Columbia University requires a pretty low – compared to the average in the market – GMAT score: 716. However, you will have to pay for your tuition $65,988 per year, yet you can expect the payback period to be no more than 4 years. Given the outstanding number of study hours (1,287), this option seems pretty worthy.
  10. Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. After all, Duke’s Fuque School of Business concludes this ranking. Here you can also enjoy the payback period of just 4 years, along with $60,600 annual tuition fees, which are pretty lower than the ones of other universities. Regarding the time you will have to spend on your studies, it is somewhere in the middle of a scale too: all subjects will be taught within 894 study hours.
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