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The digital revolution has brought us a lot of benefits that made our lives far more comfortable, and one of such benefits is its impact on education. At the present time, all the distance and time barriers have been abolished, and you can study at any time of the day and anywhere, even at your home. In addition to that, the digital revolution has made education far more affordable for a wide range of people, and now you are able to spend significantly less money for your MBA. As to make a brief sum-up: online MBA programs are most suitable for busy people who barely can afford to visit the campus every time or who want to get a degree for a much lower price, yet at a prestigious institution. And the list below will help you to pick the best program!

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Online MBA programs offer a far easier and more beneficial approach than the conventional ones

  1. Kelley School of Business of Indiana University. Kelley School of Business offers one of the best online MBA programs in the whole world, and this is recognized by a large number of various rankings, including the rankings of the Economist and the Financial Times. The average GMAT score of students is 636, which shows that there is a high competition among the students. In particular, the school is best at admissions selectivity and faculty training (97 and 90 points out of 100 respectively). It would be a perfect choice for people who value flexibility, since you are able to choose the duration of your studying (between 2 and 5 years) and one of the six offered specializations. After receiving an MBA degree at this institution, the salaries of the students significantly increase in the range between 33 and 66 per cent. By the way, the average starting salary of a Kelley graduate is $104,000.
  2. The Hough Graduate School of Business, University of Florida. The online MBA program offered by the University of Florida is consistently included in the upper parts of various MBA rankings. The business school offers two types of distance learning of business administration: the first program is designed for managers who graduated within the last seven years and who currently work and want to obtain a degree as soon as possible (within 16 months), whereas the second program is created for undergraduates (no matter what a major they study) and lasts 27 months. The average GMAT score of the school’s students is 584, and this business school is best at admissions selectivity and student engagement (91 and 83 points out of 100 respectively).
  3. P. Carey School of Business of Arizona State University. This business school perfectly suits those students who value the process of studying the most, since it is something what the school does the best way. In particular, the school is able boast its best marks for student engagement and faculty credentials & training (88 and 84 points out of 100 respectively). Moreover, the average GMAT score of 587 and 15-year long experience of teaching business administration just prove this point. By the way, the program is taught by the same faculty and lecturers who also teach the students of the traditional part-time and full-time MBA programs.
  4. Naveen Jindal School of Management, University of Texas (Dallas). Similar to the previous business school, the Texas business school is best at faculty credentials & training and student engagement (85 and 79 points out of 100 accordingly). Its online MBA program was founded in 2000, and there are two types of the program you can apply for: the Project Management MBA and the Global Leadership Executive MBA. The latter program, however, includes 1 international and 3 on-campus retreats, as well as 10-day long international study tour.
  5. Thunderbird School of Global Management. This business school has consistently been awarded respected titles and top places in various MBA rankings. Even though this is an online MBA program, the school still requires you to meet with other students and some lecturers in campus from time to time. The program’s duration is 19 months, and the majority of the students enrolled in the program are foreigners. The average starting salary of the graduates is the fourth highest in the world for all MBA programs, being equal to $83,200. Hopefully, the stringent process of enrollment will not discourage you, since the average GMAT score of the students is 585 points and the acceptance rate does not exceed 62%.
  6. Ball Stall University. This business school offers a great MBA program that was founded back in the 1990s. At the present time, there are three MBA programs: a traditional campus-based program, all-online program, and mixed. The university also offers a large network of alumni, amounting to 2,280. On the whole, there are 5 specializations you are able to choose from: health economics, policy, and administration, health economics, sales management, operations management, finance, and entrepreneurship. Speaking of the quality of education, by the way, this university is second to none in such a matter: its faculty credentials & training are evaluated to be the level of 95 out of 100 points.
  7. Whitman School of Management of Syracuse University. The university’s online MBA program appeared first time in 2001, and at the present time it offers a large number of specializations you are able to pick: supply chain management, marketing management, finance, entrepreneurship, and accounting. The outcomes of studying at this university appear to be quite good, given the starting salary of its graduates of $90,000 and a really significant network of alumni (9,209). However, the requirements are also quite high, if you take into account the fact that the average GMAT score of the students is 600 points. Yet, it is worth to try.
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Indeed, this list includes just a handful of top online MBA programs available for you. There are also a large number of other, possibly cheaper programs with cheaper requirements. Yet, the online MBA programs listed above will give the largest boost to your career and salary.


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