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If a business school is included in the list of top educational business institutions, it appears to be not just a sign of its prestige, but also a sign of a high quality of education, thought-out programs of studying, and good prospects that studying at such a school offers. Thus, you should check the list of top business schools prior to attempting to apply for an MBA program. It is pretty viable that studying at such a school is possible for you, and this may turn out to be a great chance to boost your career, skills and salary. Get to know about the world’s best business schools in the list, compiled by us and presented to you below.

top business schools
London Business School appears to be the best management school in the world

  1. London Business School. Located at the heart of Europe’s greatest financial center, this business school offers unique opportunities to its students. Over 90% of the post-graduate students who study at this university are foreigners. The same can be said about the faculty staff, 92 members (out of 110) of which are international lecturers, too. Therefore, it is not that much surprising that the LBS vanquishes other business schools in respect to the number of international students and lecturers, as well as the employer reputation. Indeed, you should attempt to enroll in the LBS if your key criterion is how your employer will view the MBA you have received. Moreover, this business school is able to brag about the network of more than 34,000 alumni, which makes studying here especially lucrative. Therefore, it is not a wonder that exactly this school has topped the rankings of MBA programs – such as the Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings – a large number of times.
  2. Harvard Business School. Harvard is definitely one of the top universities in the United States, and it is not surprising that its business school appears to be in the upper part of this list. With a GMAT score of 730 and the cost of studying around $65,000, it offers one of the best MBA programs in the market, which, however, involves a large number of studying hours. The university is second to none in terms of scientific research, and it proves its 100 points (out of 100) for citations per paper. The share of around 50% of the university’s faculty staff is international, whereas around 20% of students are foreigners. However, it is important to note that the share of international students reaches 84% in the postgraduate programs, and this is a crucial factor for establishing a good personal network.
  3. Stanford Business School of Graduate. Stanford, along with Harvard, is one of the top-notch educational institutions of the United States, and its business school offers several great MBA programs that feature a far fewer number of studying hours than the ones of Harvard offer. This means that it will be perfectly suitable for people who spend a lot of time at work and are unable to dedicate too much time to studying. Similar to Harvard, the share of international students in its MBA programs amounts to 84%. Less than 50% of the faculty staff, however, are international lecturers. A nice point is that Stanford is rated with 5 stars according to 4 different criteria: research, innovation, facilities, and specialist criteria. In addition, it occupies the second place in the ranking of the QS World University Rankings. The cost of studying and the GMAT score requirements are similar to the ones of Harvard with, perhaps, slight differences.
  4. INSEAD. Another European business school, following the LBS, included in this list. If one enters the website of the INSEAD, one will see a proud statement that the business school currently tops the Financial Times MBA Rankings. In addition, it also occupies a top position in a number of other rankings of business schools and MBA programs. The school is best in such criteria like employer reputation, international faculty and international students. Regarding the latter two aspects, by the way, it is not a surprise since 100% of the students are international. A large share of the school’s staff is international too: 135 out 147. So if you want to find a harmony between business and scientific research in the atmosphere of multicultural diversity, you should give it a try and apply for an MBA program at the INSEAD.
  5. MIT Sloan School of Management. Recently, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been recognized as the best university of the world, again. Not surprisingly, it is able to brag about one of the best business schools, too. MIT occupies first places in various rankings, also in such fields like Economics & Econometrics as well as Engineering & Technology, and offers fairly top-notch MBA programs to its students. In particular, the university also received five stars in 8 (!) criteria: inclusiveness, innovation, facilities, employability, specialist criteria, internationalization, teaching, and research. The share of international students in post-graduate programs is as high as 83%. The number of international faculty staff is also fairly significant: 1,679 people out of 2,982. All in all, one can state that the Sloan School of Management allows the students to combine the knowledge they possess with their practical skills, while dedicating a pretty large share of time to peer-to-peer communication.
  6. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Another American business school included in this list, and not mistakenly: it earned five stars for such qualities like specialist criteria, innovation, facilities, social responsibility, internationalization, and research. Even though the numbers of international students and faculty staff somewhat lag behind the schools that were listed above, they are still pretty decent: 72% students at the post-graduate programs and 1,016 lecturers out of 5,376. At the present time, the University of Pennsylvania occupies the 18th place in the QS World University Rankings.
  7. School of Economics, Management, Law, and Political Science of Bocconi University. Bocconi University is the first Italian university that had started teaching economics, since it was created in 1902 with the help of Ferdinando Bocconi, a rich merchant. This is a kind of elitist university in Italy, and if you care about the prestige of the university you are studying in the most, your way is really paved to this business school then. Besides, it occupies top places in various MBA rankings and university rankings for Business & Management. Moreover, the university received 98.1 out of 100 points for the employer reputation. Yet, the number of international students is the following: 41% for post-graduate students and 59% for undergraduate students. 103 lecturers out of 802 are foreigners.
  8. Saїd Business School of University of Oxford. The business school of the oldest English-speaking university occupies the 6th place in the QS World University Rankings. In particular, Oxford tops the rankings in English Language & Literature as well as Arts and Humanities. It has been ranked with five stars in such matters as teaching, innovation, and research. Moreover, its business school can boast almost same reputation among employers as the London Business School. 72% of the post-graduate students studying at the university are international, whereas the number of international lecturers is 2,946 (out of 6,710). Considering that, keep in mind that there are students from more than 130 countries.
  9. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Located in the center of London’s City, this business school is a leading educational institution regarding the social sciences and leadership in the UK. Even though it is ranked only 37th in the QS World University Rankings, the business school occupies the second places in such subrankings like Social Sciences as well as Social Policy & Administration. The school has the best scores in the academic reputation (100 out of 100), employer reputation (93.8 out of 100), and citations per paper (91.3). At the same time, the number of international lecturers is 686 out of 1,087 professors, employed by the university. The share of postgraduate students reaches almost 70%. All in all, the LSE perfectly combines conducting stringent, thorough scientific and the actual business practice, which makes it one of the world’s top business schools.
  10. Copenhagen Business School. The main goal of Copenhagen Business School is to develop strong bonds between the dynamic business community and contemporary scientific research work. Indeed, this school is not included in the QS World University Rankings, yet it occupies the 13th place in the subranking Business & Management. The business school is aimed to be an international one in the first place, and it seems that the school manages to do so quite well: 75% of postgraduate students are international, taught by 593 lecturers, a large share of whom (189) are foreigners as well. At least a thousand of students are enrolled to the CBS every year, and around 15,000 students currently study at this school. This way, the CBS appears to be one (among three) largest and most influential business schools in Northern Europe. So check its website out, if you want to find a reliable and prestigious MBA program in the northern part of the European continent.
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